Electronic Theatre Preview: Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

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Electronic Theatre ImageGauntlet: Seven Sorrows for the Xbox is what many fans have been waiting for. I started off playing the title in single player although the game allows other players to jump in at any time just by hitting the A button. You can play as several different character classes, each with their own special abilities although the basic moves are the same. You have a strong attack, quick attack, standard attack and a projectile attack which varies from throwing axes to using a magical attack, depending on which class you choose to be.


When playing in the one-player mode it can be very easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of enemies on screen, so that when at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), someone asked if I wanted a hand I was more than happy for theElectronic Theatre Image help. With a couple of extra people on screen it sometimes made it hard to tell which one you were as the characters appear relatively small on screen, but you have a little cursor above your head, so you can pick it back up without too much difficulty.

One problem I encountered was that if one player lags behind it is hard to bring them back into the action, sometimes one player was trapped behind something and the others had to back up a bit to let the lagging player catch up, but this is something you encounter with many other games too and you feel is somewhat impossible to avoid.

When you complete a Level you are scored on how well you do and earn points with which you can buy other abilities to level-up your moves or add new ones to your repertoire, each costing a certain level of points.

            When you kill an enemy they produce a small blue blob which you can suck up to gain energy, rather than picking up health. A quite handy feature is that it tells you when you are very low on health so you don’t have to keep an eye on your health meter, taking your eyes away from what is going on on-screen.

            Having not played the original game I cannot say how it compares but although the game crashed many times it was a worthwhile and enjoyable build promising good things for the final game.



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