Electronic Theatre Preview: Half-Life 2

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Electronic Theatre Image            Half-Life 2 couldn’t have been received with any greater praise when it was released late in 2004 for the PC. With graphics, physics and gameplay unparalleled by any first-person-shooter available for the PC to date it comes as no surprise to learn that is was many peoples game of the year. An Xbox conversion has been on the cards for  sometime and, at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, not only did we get to see the game, but we also got to play it.

            There was a total of three areas playable and, while the openingElectronic Theatre Image section appears to run a lot smoother than it’s PC counter-part (even on a machine that by far excels the suggested requirements for the title), once you encounter more than a single enemy on-screen the frame-rate drops to an unbelievable pace and the same screen-jumping that bugged the Xbox version of DOOM3 practically kills any playability in this build of Half-Life 2. The graphics are incredible but suffer from a lack of consistent real-time lighting compared to the original version. Even though it’s groundbreaking work on the Xbox which, when compared to the GameCube, wasn’t particularly designed to push such effects, I can see many fans being a little disappointed.

            Some very, very nice textures and a reliable control system show the title does have promise, and that this build was probably rushed together specially for E3. But with so many bugs and totally unforgivable pop-up in the background, I can’t see how this title was worth showing in its current state.










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