Electronic Theatre Preview: Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

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Electronic Theatre Image            With videogames crossing with other entertainment sectors as if they can’t come up with any new ideas of their own, it’ll be no surprise to see that EA have jumped on the comic-book-cross-over band wagon. Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects is the latest spin-off from the Marvel craze sweeping both videogames and film industries.


            Graphically the title is very impressive and, prior to getting to grips with the game I wasElectronic Theatre Image undoubtedly enthusiastic about the idea of an open-plan 3D brawler featuring not only all your favourite Marvel characters, but also brand new characters created in conjunction with EA. In the Electronic Entrainment Expo (E3) demo only Versus Mode was playable with a selection of five characters available including Spider-Man and Wolverine, as well as Johnny Ohm and Brigade – two of the new EA stars. The rest of the character roster is still to be announced.

            The single environment on play was impressive with destructible scenery – though limited – and a large scope of battling. However, when at a distance all the characters moves seemed pretty ineffective and easy to avoid. The close-combat was again, pretty ineffective and landing punches was really a turn-for-turn procedure. Each character has a nice array of finishers but the basic move formula was very limited. Disappointing to say the least but, as a nameless Swedish developer spouted, “At least it screenshots well…” Electronic Theatre Image








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