Electronic Theatre Preview: Stargate SG-1

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Electronic Theatre Image            Stargate SG-1 is a title of many expectations. For the fans of the series it has a lot to stand-up to and, for those not particularly well-versed with the escapades of Colonel Jack O’Neil and Captain Samantha Carter, the title has a lot to do to prove itself as a reliable first-person-shooter and more than merely a cash-in on the Stargate franchise.

            Immediately the titles aesthetics show themselves to be a great concern of the Electronic Theatre Imagedevelopers, featuring incredible backgrounds with streaming real-time lighting comparable even to Halo2. There was limited weaponry available in the demo build, but each has pleasing functions. The demo was incredibly short; scheduling just a few objectives such as “reach the corridor” or “defeat the enemy”, but each was presented well and acted as little more than a hint towards your mission as opposed to a concise description, leaving much of the inventive play to the player – clearly a good idea.

            The AI was very impressive, with the enemy knowing that they’re stronger than you, until a few good hits are laid and take their numbers down. Even then, the odd courageous goon will come trawling at you with a big light-stick will his comrades’ make a quick retreat in the opposite direction.

            The build, although incredibly short, offers enough to recommend the title as at least average first-person-shooter fodder. However, with so much competition in the genre, for the game to grab the attention it needs much more work needs to be done.   -END-

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