Electronic Theatre Preview: The Sims 2

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe Sims 2 for Xbox was being previewed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and although they wouldn’t let me get my mitts on the control pad at all; they were more than happy to show me what the game was all about – denoting just how far the game was into development, presumably EA feared the possibility of crashes and freezes.

It is basically a ‘best of’ what The Sims 2 had to offer form the first round of games,Electronic Theatre Image incorporating some of the features of the previous game and expansion packs. In this console version, much like previous console versions you move your character around using the controls rather than the instruction system which many console players found infuriating, as your Sim would not always follow what you wanted them to do.

Throughout the game you have various aspirations to work towards, as well as fears you were supposed to keep them away from which provides some great torture devices. Your Sim has a fear of being sick? Then feed them raw, un-refrigerated squid as watch them turn into a quivering wreck! But we wouldn’t do anything like that… would we? Similarly if your Sim wants to be kissed, after finding someone to kiss their aspiration changes to wanting to be in a relationship, get married etc. which really gives the impression of you having a purpose to work towards rather than just meandering about.

You have to really work on the relationships your Sim has too. Other Sims will remember if you wrong them and you have to work to re-gain their trust and improve you relationship you have with them or they won’t like you anymore.

I think this sounds like a good update to the series as it offers enough new features to keep the player interested without losing the addictive (and sometimes sadistic) qualities that keep players coming back for more.





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