Electronic Theatre Preview: NBA 2K7

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Electronic Theatre Image2K Sports are seen by many as the main alterative to the all conquering EA Sports brand, and by some, as the superior of the two franchises. Following-up from NBA 2K6 comes the radically titled NBA 2K7 for Next-Generation systems and the old 2K Sports workhorse, the Xbox.

Electronic Theatre ImageThe E3 demo featured only two playable teams from the NBA. Play was almost identical to the previous incarnations of the title and featured easy to pick-up, quick end-to-end gameplay. All actions are easily achieved through the Face Buttons and Triggers and the game achieves a great sense of motion and speed. The only real problem at the moment is the incredible difficulty in stealing the ball from the opposing team, with Collision Detection needing a fairly large overhaul before release. This leads to play seeming a little one-sided and ultimately, does not engage the player.

NBA 2K7 is stated to be made for Next-Generation systems first-and-foremost and, as such, the Xbox version really shows the hardware’s age. The players look grainy and although the floor seems to reflect light, it does not reflect the Player Models. The crowd, however, were nicely animated and there was always a lot going on on-screen.

NBA 2K7 will probably be the Xbox’s last 2K Sports Basketball game and, thankfully, it seems that with a little bit of tuning, ball bouncing should end on a high note on Microsoft’s big black box.



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