Electronic Theatre Sunday Special: Top Ten Games at GAMEfest

UK videogame specialist retailer GAME held their first consumer event this past week, attracting audiences from all over the country til its final day today. Available to play at the show were a cavalcade of some of the biggest titles set for release in winter […]
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UK videogame specialist retailer GAME held their first consumer event this past week, attracting audiences from all over the country til its final day today. Available to play at the show were a cavalcade of some of the biggest titles set for release in winter 2011 and spring 2012. The likes of Prototype 2, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus and Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games 2012 wowed audiences from all walks of life, but here in this week’s Sunday Special, all we’re really concerned about are the top ten playable games at the show that were made for the core gamers.

Narrowing down the eighty games Electronic Theatre experienced at the show to just ten was never going to be an easy task, and so some basic rules were established. Firstly, nothing which Electronic Theatre had already received a final review copy was eligible, meaning Gears of War 3, Rise of Nightmares and The Gunstringer, amongst others, were out of the running to begin with. Also, the game has to be playable for a public audience: we could all suggest the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is likely to be one of the best games of the year, but without getting hands-on with the game, nothing is certain.

And so below we have a list of the top ten games available to play at the show, all of which Electronic Theatre will be bringing you detailed previews of very soon.



10. Super Mario 3D Land


Mario’s latest outing was always going to get more attention than the majority of ‘me too’ titles, film licenses and remakes currently heading to the Nintendo 3DS, but Super Mario 3D Land is genuinely deserved of the attention. It’s a game that harks back to the simplicity of challenge seen in Super Mario Bros. 3 without shying away from the technology brought about by Super Mario 64. No mean feat for any prospective Platform game.



9. Star Wars: The Old Republic


GAMEfest allowed many gamers to get their first experience of Star Wars: The Old Republic as it was intended: playing with friends. With dozens of demo pods set-up around a central quest line, player chose form the list of preset characters, jumped into the game and began their training, without or without allies. Players could continue to pursue further, more demanding quests with friends or simply enjoy the many locations they were able to visit. For many, this first experience of Star Wars: The Old Republic was the only evidence they needed to become involved with the upcoming launch.



8. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Nintendo have showcased The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in public on many occasions, and the code available at GAMEfest was in fact the same code that had been previewed at previous events. However, this doesn’t mean that it was any less enjoyable. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is looking set to become one the Wii’s greatest videogame experiences, and to overlook it either here at the show or this winter when it arrives is tantamount to gamer abuse.



7. Kid Icarus: Uprising


Another Nintendo 3DS title that shows some spark, Kid Icarus: Uprising is effectively the shoot-‘em-up experience that the first Star Fox title on the console should have been. That’s not to knock Star Fox 64 3D, but an original title is always going to be welcomed with a much bigger grin than any fondly remembered 1990’s videogame. Kid Icarus: Uprising offers a deep weapon system and intense flight combat, and will surely become one of the Nintendo 3DS’ most widely respected titles upon release.



6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


There was surely never any doubt that the potentially biggest selling videogame of the year would make this list, but that it has only managed to make it into sixth place has been a bone of contention this weekend at Electronic Theatre, so we predict the same from our audience. Having spent a great deal of time with the game however, there is method to our madness. All will be revealed in an upcoming preview.




5. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception


Unfortunately, GAMEfest only played host to the multiplayer mode included in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and even then it wasn’t on top form. Late loading textures, questionable collision detection and occasional delay between command input and resulting action obviously harmed the enjoyment of the action-packed affair, but given that it still ranked as one of the best titles of the show despite these issues, hopes are high that the final build will be a much cleaner presentation.





The only of Bethesda Softworks’ three titles available at the show that was actually playable, Electronic Theatre spent a considerable amount of time getting hands-on with RAGE. From the opening sequence to buggy racing to Bash TV, every scenario experienced by  Electronic Theatre poured a thick layer of unique character over the somewhat pedestrian mission objectives. We may have just been assaulting an enemy outpost, we may have been upgrading our buggy with the predictable assortment of wheel types and we may have been taking part in the same win-or-die television show that videogames have aped ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger donned that lycra onesie, however it was all deleivered with such character that you’d happily forget that it is, after all, just one of the many new first-person shooter games coming this winter.



3. Battlefield 3


Of all the game available to play at GAMEfest, Battlefield 3 arguably drew the biggest crowds. Electronic Theatre was reliably informed that, at times, the queue swelled to a waiting time of more than three hours, all for a ten minute play time. Of course, once having reached that terminal, all was forgotten and forgiven, as for many this would be their first time getting hands-on with one of the most anticipated games of the year.



2. Mass Effect 3


It may only have been a single combat-orientated mission available, but Mass Effect 3 still managed to impress. The visual quality has been improved significantly from its already impressive predecessor, and the environments were littered with detail; far less hospital corridor and much more disused youth hostel. Debris littered the corridors as the player moved through the combat zone, offered the opportunity to play as a default construct of each of the class types. It was only a taster of things to come, but BioWare surely couldn’t have done any better at whetting out appetites.



1. Saints Row: The Third


The two previous Saints Row titles have been fun but flawed attempts to push the open-world action game into new territory. Typically, it would be callous to suggest that a game not yet complete would succeed were others had failed, but the version of Saints Row: The Third that THQ had made available was essentially the final code bar some bug checking,  Electronic Theatre was reliably informed. And so with that knowledge, we can safely say that Saints Row: The Third is set to become one of the gaming highlights of 2011.

Saints Row: The Third takes the comedy element of the two previous titles and puts it into a stunningly complete world. The experience Volition has earned through creating open-world games is evident in the amount of detail littering each and every street, every activity, and the individuality afforded go each player’s game. Set up two-by-two, there were no two screens showing the same action sequence during Electronic Theatre’s time at THQ’s booth. From the taxing Genki missions to the hilarious Insurance Fraud, from running amuck with your tally whacker free-and-easy to assaulting an enemy stronghold with a rather large automatic rifle, Saints Row: The Third is aiming to be everything to everyone, and even from these few snatched moments with the game, Electronic Theatre is happy to assure you that it comes pretty close.


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