Mass Effect 3 Wii U Release Detailed

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Electronic Theatre ImageOne of the biggest reveals for the Wii U console at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June was the revelation that BioWare and Electronic Arts would be bringing Mass Effect 3 to Wii U. Today, following Nintendo UK’s ‘Nintendo Direct’ presentation, new details on the Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition product have been confirmed.

The Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition plunges players into a gripping, emotional and action-packed story. Players will choose how to wage an all-out galactic war for survival against an unstoppable enemy, and as part of this cinematic journey, Mass Effect 3 features intense third-person shooter combat in which players will take direct control over their team with the Wii U GamePad, providing a whole new level of tactical control over the battlefield.

Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition will also include an interactive backstory feature covering previous events in the Mass Effect universe, all leading up to the beginning of Mass Effect 3. Wii U players will also experience the From Ashes downloadable content (DLC) pack, and Extended Cut ending as a part of their story at no extra charge.

Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition has been confirmed as a retail product that will arrive within the ‘launch window’ period for the Wii U console; however no specific release date has yet been announced. Electronic Theatrewill keep you updated with all the latest details on Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition and other forthcoming Wii U releases.


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