Wii U PAL Update Detailed

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Electronic Theatre ImageAvailable throughout PAL territories now, Nintendo’s Wii U offers a variety of online and non-gaming entertainment features to enhance the overall experience by connecting the console to the Internet. The launch System Update made available in Japan and North America has become something of legend in certain circles, but Electronic Theatre can today bring you the official details on the PAL download and installation process.

This first System Update allows Wii U owners access to innovative applications such as Miiverse, Nintendo eShop, Wii U Chat and a dedicated Internet Browser. Miiverse is a brand new network communication system that lets you share experiences, discuss videogames and discover new content with other players from around the world. Nintendo eShop is Electronic Theatre Imagethe digital storefront for Wii U which will offer a variety of content including exclusive videogames, demos, trailers as well as select digitally distributed videogames that are also available at retail stores.

Wii U Chat uses the built-in capabilities of the Wii U GamePad to allow a unique form of real-time video chat with friends via the television screen, while the Internet Browser makes it easy to surf the internet from the comfort of your sofa by using the GamePad for browsing and having the ability to display internet content for the whole family to enjoy on the television screen. Parents will be able to use Parental Controls to determine exactly which online and offline content their children will have access to on WiiU.

Due to the amount of new features and applications included, the System Update may take an extended amount of time when performed during the initial setup; for some users it could take an hour or more to download and install. The System Update is an automatic process and after following the on-screen instructions, existing Wii owners will also be able to performElectronic Theatre Image a System Transfer, allowing them to transfer, among others, WiiWare and Virtual Console content from their Wii to their new Wii U console. Those who already own a Wii will be pleased to hear that nearly all Wii peripherals will be compatible with the Wii U console – with neither hardware pack including a Wii Remote controller, Wii owners won’t need to repurchase peripherals they already own. For players who don’t already own a Wii console, Nintendo has released the Wii Remote Plus Additional Set, which contains a Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk and sensor bar.

Whether playing alone or with friends, Nintendo will deliver brand new entertainment experiences to your living room with Wii U. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Wii U and forthcoming software for the videogame console.


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