Official Sonic Colours Wallpapers Released

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Electronic Theatre Image

            With the release of the Nintendo console exclusive Sonic Colours rapidly approaching, SEGA Europe has revealed plans to unleash a new series of official desktop wallpapers featuring artwork from the game. The first of seven intended releases is already upon us, and is available to set as your personal backdrop below.

            Posted at SEGA Europe’s official blog, a promise has been made that subsequent Sonic Colours official desktop wallpaper releases will require a little more detective work than this Electronic Theatre Imagefirst offering, suggesting that they will merely offer their eager audience a “hint” as to how gamers can locate the wallpapers. Each of the official desktop wallpapers is said to feature one of three distinct styles, and with that it’s obvious that fans of the videogame series will be eagerly anticipating each new release.

            European gamers can find their version of the first Sonic Colours official desktop wallpaper just below, while North American gamers can find their very own version right here. Sonic Colours is currently in development for both Wii and Nintendo DS, and is expected to be available next month. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.


Electronic Theatre Image


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To set as desktop background: Click on the image. Right-click on the expanded image when loaded and select “Set as Background”



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