Titanic Mystery Box Art Revealed

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            Recently confirmed for release next month on Wii, Easy Interactive has now revealed the official box art for the forthcoming Titanic Mystery. Titanic Mystery is currently available on Nintendo DS and PC, and the Wii version will be released on 12th November 2010.

Titanic Mystery brings players aboard the infamous luxurious craft exactly one hundred years after the original ill-fated ocean liner left port. Shortly after setting sail, it is discovered that a dastardly plan to blow up the ship is in play, and it’s up to the player to find the bomb and expose the culprit behind this potential disaster.

Titanic Mystery lets players explore the ship freely, meeting the crew while investigating a number of mysterious clues, all while learning the remarkable history and secrets of the original Titanic. Titanic Mystery is currently set for release on Wii on 12th November 2010, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.


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