Nintendo Fans Asked to Vote for Reversible Covers for The Last Story & Pandora’s Tower

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Electronic Theatre Image Nintendo has announced that they are giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favourite artwork to be included as a reversible cover for the forthcoming role-playing games The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, set to launch next year on Wii. A similar vote was cast prior to the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles earlier this year.

In The Last Story take charge of a band of mercenaries and journey with them into an epic and cinematic adventure. The latest game from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, The Last Story blends Electronic Theatre Imagebeautiful visual design with an innovative real-time battle system and captivating tales of camaraderie. Players will explore secret-filled locations scattered across Lazulis Island, the heart of a human empire and scene of an unfolding drama that will bring hostilities between two ancient races to a head.

In Pandora’s Tower break a curse that threatens to transform a beloved friend into a horrific beast. Players assume the role of Aeron, an Athosian soldier facing a deeply personal and emotionally charged mission. With your friend, Elena, bound to a grave fate that is causing her to mutate into a demonic abomination, you’ll feel the pressure of time and the rush of accomplishment as you take up the fight to eradicate the spreading evil that has gripped her.

Voting is now open and closes on the 15th November. The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower are scheduled to launch exclusively on Wii in 2012. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.


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