Electronic Theatre Preview: Rygar: The Battle for Argus

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Electronic Theatre Image            Rygar: Battle for Argus is Rising Star Games’ next big release for Wii, due to arrive in Europe on June 19th, 2009. A remake of a Tecmo PlayStation2 release, Rygar: Battle for Argus took a dominating position at Rising Star Games’ stand at the MCM Expo last weekend, with the publisher clearly having high-hopes for the action-orientated title.

            As one of the few consistently reliable third-party publishers of Wii games aimed at the Hardcore Gamer market, Rising Star Games have developed a considerable following. That they impressed more than anyElectronic Theatre Image other publisher at the show has already been noted on the pages of Electronic Theatre, but that Rygar: Battle for Argus itself is equally impressive is yet to be discussed.     

            The game plays as an Action/Adventure title, think less along the lines of Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden and more in the direction of God of war, and you’d be looking at the right subgenre of the modern Scrolling Beat-‘Em-Up. Equipped with the Diskarmor, Rygar must hack through hordes of enemies, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles using a whip-like weapon similar in effect to the Blades of Chaos featured in the God of War series.

            The game warrants its Current-Generation revival through not just an overhaul of the in-game mechanics and aesthetic, but in that of it’s motion-controlled combat also. Holding the A Button and striking the Wii Remote downwards will initiate a powerful overhead vertical attack, while swiftly moving the Wii Remote fromElectronic Theatre Image left-to-right will swing the blade accordingly, causing smaller damage to a greater amount of foes. Though the code available at the show appeared to be in a very near-complete stage, Gladiator Mode was the only gameplay option available under the watchful eyes of the Rising Star Games Stands’ staff: an endurance mode that pits you against an increasing number of foes, with an increasing amount of aggression.

            Rygar: Battle for Argus is a pleasant looking game. While still far from comfortably standing next to a current release on the Xbox 360 or PLAYSTATION 3, the title is easily a top-tier production on Wii. Stringing together combos can be a challenge at first, but the visual clues for timing are incredibly well defined and players will soon be swinging through arena racking-up three-digit scores. The backdrops are gorgeously detailed and are said to feature a decent amount of destructible environments, though this aspect remained absent form the Gladiator Mode during Electronic Theatre’s time with the game.

            Rygar: Battle for Argus won’t break the mould, but it could well be the reliable combat-orientated adventure that Wii gamers have been crying-out for. With the original PlayStation2 release, Rygar “The Legendary Adventure”, receiving a very positive critical reception yet failing to be noticed at retail, Rygar: Battle for Argus on Wii could well be the game’s chance to achieve the financial rewards alongside the industry’s back-patting.




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