Electronic Theatre Preview: Wii Sports Resort

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            Electronic Theatre rated Wii Sports as being the fifth best multi-player game available and it cannot be denied by even the most adamant cynic that Wii Sports has defined and revolutionised the casual gaming scene. Wii Sports Resort not only has the hard task of matching the success of the original but it also needs to build on that success and deliver an even more playable, enjoyable, and crowd pleasing package, and we here at Electronic Theatre feel safe in assuring you that it does just that. From what we’ve seen at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Wii Sports Resort has all the panache you could want and expect and more than fills the boots of its predecessor not least due to the addition of the extremely accurate Wii MotionPlus attachment.

            Wii Sports Resort contains twelve sports; Golf and Bowling lifted from the original as well as ten new games; Sword Duelling,Electronic Theatre Image Wakeboarding, Cycling, Frisbee, Table Tennis, Archery, Basketball, Power Cruising (jet skis), Canoeing, and Air Sports.

            If you are mourning the omission of Boxing from the package, don’t! The Sword Duelling game more than makes up for its loss, providing an even more intense two-person contest that really demonstrates the Wii MotionPlus at its best. The excellent control over the sword requires a calibration at the beginning of each game, set by pointing directly at the screen and clicking the A Button, however once this is achieved the player is rewarded with inconceivably sensitive control over the virtual movement.

            Equally, if Tennis was your favourite game from the original, do not despair, Table Tennis clearly replaces the much loved classic and will prove just as addictive. Again, Wii MotionPlus demonstrates it’s worth and your Mii will match your movements flawlessly allowing you to line-up that perfect shot. Spin is added by rotating the Wii Remote whilst swinging.

            The two sports that have been includedElectronic Theatre Image from the original line-up; Golf and Bowling also benefit from the Wii MotionPlus makeover with greater accuracy being achieved, and equally, inaccuracy, as you can literally throw/sling your apparatus in an any conceivable direction and your onscreen alter-ego will respond synchronously.

            Power Cruising (Jet Skiing) is fast, furious and fun. The Nunchuk and Wii Remote act as the handle bars as you negotiate a course. Accelerate by holding the A or B Buttons and tilt to steer.

            Aside from the available sports, another interesting feature is the Island Tour, in which you can fly a plane on a sight-seeing excursion round the island which may be recognised as being a modified version of that featured in Wii Fit, and before that, in an unreleased aerial game revealed shortly after the Wii’s unveiling. The Wii Remote is held like a paper airplane and only takes a slight twist left or right to alter the direction of travel Electronic Theatre Imageand the smallest tip to adjust altitude. Island Tour is a little bit of escapism and an opportunity to really marvel at the sensitivity of Wii MotionPlus.

            Wii Sports Resort is sure to please new and returning Wii users alike, not least due to the variety of new sports available but also demonstration of the amazing capabilities of Wii MotionPlus. The game bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory will launch in Europe on July 24th, 2009, and you can be sure Electronic Theatre will keep you updated.




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