Electronic Theatre Preview: Rabbids Go Home

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            The latest  Rabbids videogame release, Rabbids Go Home, is a Wii exclusive title set to launch across Europe tomorrow. While that brief introduction may suggest to many another mini-game compilation, Rabbids Go Home is yet another title in Ubisoft’s arsenal which it would be better to avoid assuming too much about. While on the surface Rabbids Go Home may be the next title in line to be the annual Rabbids release, the game itself is a very different kettle-of-fish to the Rayman Raving Rabbids series.

            The premise is fairly simple, though as would be expected from the white rabbit-esque creatures, suitably harebrained. Having decided that they originated from the Moon, the Rabbids are on a quest to build themselves a big enough ladder to return home. This “ladder”, Electronic Theatre Imagehowever, is to be made from anything and everything the Rabbids can find. The player takes control of the Rabbids as they steer their shopping cart throughout a number of civilised areas, filling it with all manner of objects.

            The game is presented through a HUB world with a number of levels scattered across, increasing in difficulty. The player dives into a level, collects their trolley full and dashes back out once again. Challenges appear in the form of Platforming sections and acquiring the needed amount of points; tallied at the end of each level. The variety of environments is said to be numerous, though in that which was available for Electronic Theatre to sample only a factory and airport appeared to be playable.

            Rabbids Go Home features a surprisingly inspired art design. With flat and often sparsely coloured areas visually the mundane nature of human life, whilst theElectronic Theatre Image objects the Rabbids collect and of course the Rabbids themselves are the most vibrant beings in the game. The visual humour is evident both in game and during cut-scenes, and while the loading times may be fairly extensive for a Wii title, even here the Rabbids are given the opportunity to display their unique personality.

            The Rabbids appear to be going full circle. Having originally appeared in Ubisoft’s Rayman series before being given their own spin-off release, Rayman Raving Rabbids, the publisher obviously now feels the barmy creatures have the earned the right to stand on their own two legs. A Platform adventure with the limbless former protagonist nowhere insight, Rabbids Go Home is certainly likely to turn many heads when it launches tomorrow.



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