Electronic Theatre Preview: Grease: The Official Video Game

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It was only a matter of time before Grease was given the videogame treatment. Its family entertainment value knows no bounds so what better way to flaunt its new format than in a family-friendly collection of mini-games.

            Grease: The Official Video Game features both single-player and multiplayer options and closely adheres to the traditions of the musical movie. Single-player follows the story of the film, with players only able to playElectronic Theatre Image as Danny or Sandy, as they complete mini-games based on the plot. Multiplayer mode, however, allows for up to eight players (four versus four) and for each player to assume a different character, which are all cartoon representations of the cast.

The mini-games are varied and based around the plot and settings of the film. There are American high school sports to be played such as wrestling and baseball. Wrestling involves shaking the Wii Remote more vigorously than your opponent in order to win and baseball requires the player to swing the Wii Remote in the manner of a bat. To avoid disappointment there are also obligatory dancing games which are optionally compatible with the Wii Balance Board. Each mini-game is accompanied by a licensed song from the movie, of which there are sixteen in total. Additional players can participate by singing along in a basic karaoke function requiring microphone controllers, and points from each mini-game are tallied as the game progresses.                                                                                                

            Grease: The Official Video Game has all the ingredients of a popular family party game and is sure to attract a number of fans particularly given the popularity of the original movie. It has been announced that Grease: The Official Video Game will be released this September, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.



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