Electronic Theatre Preview: Sonic Colours

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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic videogaming characters around, and has been championing the industry for nearly twenty years. With such a high profile, gamers expect something special from each and every Sonic/SEGA offering and it seems his latest outing will not disappoint. Previewing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sonic Colours for Wii and Nintendo DS features a brand new colour-based power-up mechanic that is sure to generate plenty of attention amongst fans of the series.

Sonic Colours is based around scientist Dr. Eggman’s Interstellar Amusement Park. The two planets previewed at E3 were Tropical Resort, which is similar to typical original Sonic the Hedgehog tracks (think Green Hill Zone) with much greenery, ramps and loops to negotiate whilst picking up rings and Sweet Mountain, an over-scaled confectionary producing planet Electronic Theatre Imagefull of lollipops and candy bars. Dr. Eggman has captured and enslaved the inhabitant Wisp population, which Sonic has vowed to set free. The Wisps provide Sonic with a particular colour that grants him special abilities with in the levels. The yellow wisp, for example, enables Sonic to spin drill through sand which leads to hidden passages. The abilities can only be obtained from the Wisps by freeing them from a holding container.

Sonic can also obtain a gift from the Cyan Wisp. He is granted an ability which when activated, rockets Sonic forward and destroys any enemies in his path. Using this ability on specific crystals shoots Sonic off to hidden places.

Sonic Colours possesses all the speed and panache necessary for a Sonic the Hedgehog game and those returning to the series will surely welcome the new colour mechanic dimension of the game. Whilst the Wii version of the game was the only one available, the Nintendo DS version is also in development and will feature exclusive colour power-ups not available for the Wii version. Sonic Colours is set to be released in late 2010, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.



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