Electronic Theatre Preview: Michael Jackson: The Experience

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            Michael Jackson’s dance moves are renowned the world around, famous for their originality and the man himself’s perfect execution. Michael Jackson: The Experience will give players a chance to step into his shoes and perform some of his most famous dance moves for themselves, but getting them to his standard will take some practice.

Thankfully, then, the game includes several difficulty modes including easy for those who just want to jump straight in and have a go. For the harder moves, the game offers a tutorial mode with “Michael School” where he teaches the player the moves himself. This feature was reportedly designed as a collaboration with Michael Jackson himself, prior to his untimely death last year.

Much like the PlayStation 3 version, players will jump straight into the MJ’s world where for each track players are able to dance through their own customised environments. In addition to the dancing there is always the option to sing along with the Electronic Theatre Imageon-screen lyrics, allowing players to commit to a direct emulation of some of Michael Jackson’s most famous performances. Players can also share the fun around with the option of multiplayer with up to eight players in which the Wii Remote is passed along to see who’s got it in them to be the new “King Of Pop”.

Little else is currently known about Michael Jackson: The Experience, aside from it’s intended November release. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest information on Michael Jackson: The Experience, and other forthcoming titles from Ubisoft.



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