Electronic Theatre Preview: de Blob

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Electronic Theatre Image            Having been in the public-eye for some time now, THQ’s de Blob approaches it’s European launch. A title that’s seemingly uncharacteristically inventive and accessible for Hardcore Gamers in Wii’s Third-Party line-up of late, de Blob has many hopes riding upon it.

Electronic Theatre Image            The basic idea of the title, as no doubt most of you will be aware of by now, is to bring colour to the monochrome districts of Chroma City by completing various Platform based challenges as a blob. A blob known as de Blob.

            The game is largely freeform. Each Level allows players to compete in a variety of tasks, from speed challenges to simply painting the world, and completing objectives award points with which progress can be made. The challenges provide much more points than simply wandering around the Levels, and so the competitive element that Hardcore Gamers demand will allow you to unlock new gameplay modes and other such goodies quicker, whilst a more relaxed approach will still unlock such items, but at a much slower rate.

            Later Levels will too provide a steeper difficulty curve. Although many Hardcore Gamers may feel that de Blob won’t provide enough of a challengeElectronic Theatre Image when taken at face value, the hazards that present themselves within the later stages of the game can bring even the best score runs crashing down should they be misjudged by the player.

The game is both an aural and aesthetical treat. Featuring fourteen music tracks, de Blob allows dynamic cohesion between the on-screen action and the soundtrack. As you start each Level the accompanying music will remain minimal, but as you work you way through, splashing buildings and scenery with the colours you collect, the tempo picks up and cashes into some dramatic Jazz-influenced tunes.

Due for release in Europe, exclusively on Wii, on Friday, 26th September, 2008, de Blob is certainly a title to be keeping an eye-on. Exuding charm at every possible moment, de Blob is one of the most interesting propositions on Wii’s forthcoming release schedule.



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