Electronic Theatre Preview: MotoGP

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Electronic Theatre Image            In March of this year, Capcom are set to deliver the first officially licensed MotoGP videogame to Wii. Developed by Milestone, the team behind Capcom’s well received Xbox360, PLAYSTATION3 and PC title MotoGP 08, MotoGP for Wii turns the Wii Remote into a set of handle bars in an aim to deliver an unparalleled handling model without barriers to newcomers, whilst still providing a challenge to seasoned gamers.

       Electronic Theatre Image     The game features all three official MotoGP Classes, and Capcom is reportedly “keen to ensure that all the riders are faithfully represented”. A fairly traditional Tutorial Mode is included to allow players to try out the varying handling schemes – Arcade, Advanced or Simulation – promoted by on-screen tips while playing.

            The Career Mode features the option for players to create their own rider, a customisation feature that has been excluded from previous Milestone MotoGP products. Running through five seasons with the ultimate aim of being crowned MotoGP Champion, the player can choose their team and bike class at the beginning of each season as well as alter the design of their racing outfit. As races are won, stronger teams become available in later seasons allowing players access to better bikes. Quick Race, Time Attack, a two-player Split-Screen versus option and Championship Mode, in which players can configure a single season to their will – including weather conditions, number of laps and handling model – and choose from any class, rider and team they choose, are also included in addition to a Challenge Mode.

            Challenge Mode features fifty bespoke events for the more determined gamer. Speed, Brakes, Racing Line, Checkpoint, Single Race, Championship and 1 vs. 1 divide the events which involve the player taking Electronic Theatre Imagepart in recreations of previous MotoGP Championship scenarios, aiming to keep of the optimal racing line and maintaining a designated speed for an entire race.

            The game handles twenty racers in a single race and promises a great deal of variation between the 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP Classes. Featuring a scaling Artificial Intelligence simulation which adapts to the players skill level, although in a limited manner, MotoGP has been designed to be accessible to all Wii gamers when it arrives this March.







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