Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Street Fight X Tekken: Additional Characters Pack

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Shortly after the launch of Street Fight X Tekken Capcom announced the inevitable release of additional characters, coming as downloadable content (DLC) packs for all home consoles formats. The DLC would consist of characters that otherwise would have been exclusive to the forthcoming PlayStation Vita version of the videogame, but not available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC until after the handheld release. However, those plans recently changed, and ahead of Street Fight X Tekken’s handheld outing an additional twelve characters have been added to the already released editions of the videogame.

Street Fight X Tekken has received a somewhat disparaging response since its release. While not a bad beat-‘em-up by any means, it’s arguably the weakest of all the current-generation titles built on the Street Fighter IV foundations. While the Tekken character fit into the mould surprisingly well, Street Fight X Tekken just doesn’t have the same level of attraction. It’s a sad state of affairs, but Street Fight X Tekken is an undeniably less enjoyable experience than Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fight IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. That being said, this isn’t another review of Street Fight X Tekken – if you’re reading this article it’s more than likely that you have already purchased the videogame – instead Electronic Theatre is looking specifically at this Additional Characters Pack, and whether or not it’s worth investing in.

The package of twelve characters consists of six new additions from each franchise: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena and Dudley on the Street Fighter side of things, and Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan and Christie, Lei over in the Tekken camp. Cody is an inflexible impact machine; quick and forceful but with very little follow-up, while Sakura is of course a closer resemblance of the shotokan template. Balrog and Jack X offer a similar straight and under technique and Steve might actually be more fitting in an Art of Fighting videogame. Christie is the most surprising addition to the line-up, boasting both speed and a remarkably long range for her variety of kick combos and special moves.

This is the limit of Street Fight X Tekken’s Additional Characters Pack, twelve new characters playable in any mode (so long as your online opponent also has the DLC). Each of the characters has a special text based ending included for the Arcade mode, but beyond that there’s no new costumes, backdrops or gameplay modes. Street Fight X Tekken features no graphical updates and no updates or rebalancing that aren’t available to all players via a free Title Update or patch, and so whether or not the Additional Characters Pack is worth investing 1,600 Microsoft Points (£15.99 GBP on PlayStation 3) into depends entirely on your relation with the original Street Fight X Tekken product: if you’re still finding yourself powering through the videogame and hungry for more, you could do far worse than adding a dozen new characters for just less than half the price of the original product.











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