PowerUp Heroes Now Available

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Available from today, PowerUp Heroes is the highly-anticipated Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive fighting game from Ubisoft. Players can now live out their dreams of becoming the ultimate hero by transforming their Xbox LIVE Avatar into a superhero, infusing it with powers to unleash your strength.

In PowerUp Heroes, players will take on opponents each charged with different sets of deadly powers. Defeat them in battle to seize their super suits, steal their abilities, and wield their power for future contests. Use your entire body to control how you fight: dodge opponents’ attacks, strike forward to launch projectiles, or work with a friend to unleash double powered super assaults. PowerUp Heroes also allows players to challenge their friends to a fight thanks to a variety of on- and offline multiplayer modes: fight each other or team up and master combined attacks against the AI.

PowerUp Heroes is available from today, exclusively on Xbox 360 Kinect. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox 360 Kinect releases, and other titles from Ubisoft.


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