Capcom Reveal Charitable Street Fighter X Tekken Marketing Campaign

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Capcom Europe has today revealed a brand new marketing campaign for the forthcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. Set to take place as three different events across three different mediums, Capcom Europe will be kindly donating proceeds to Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Street Fighter X Tekken is promising the Heavyweight fight of the year, and fans of both franchises are running out of time to choose a corner. Both Street Fighter and Tekken are about to go round-for-round in a brand new campaign celebrating the release of the videogame this March. The first round will take place next week, with Top VJ producers Addictive TV tasking gamers with producing the most ‘banging’ and ‘punchy’ tune they can to land a knockout blow to their opposition.

The second round challenges gamers to get up and move their feet, as Fight Club regulars, One Motion, have created videos of the most iconic moves from the videogame as inspiration for a dance off. Have you got the moves to body pop your way out of a Hadouken?

The third and final round will see thirty exclusive character prints signed by the legendary producers Ono-san (Street Fighter) and Harada-san (Tekken) put up for charity auction in late January. The winners from the first two rounds will be invited to a grand final to go head-to-head, with a select amount of tickets to the final event put up for charity auction too.

Capcom has chosen Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) registered charity 1110621, as the official charity for Street Fighter X Tekken. CALM aims to reduce suicide in men under thirty five, currently the biggest single cause of death for young men in the UK. By taking part in the Street Fighter X Tekken campaign you can help us raise awareness for CALM.

Set for release on 9th March 2012, simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Street Fighter X Tekken, including a hands-on preview coming very soon.


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