Limited Edition Mass Effect 3 Consoles & Avatar Items Now Available

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Electronic Theatre ImageAhead of the launch of Mass Effect 3 this coming Friday, Microsoft Studios has officially launched the limited edition Mass Effect 3 themed Xbox 360 consoles. However, these consoles are very limited indeed, and are not available at retail stores.

Featuring two designs, the Paragon and the Renegade as themed on the moral aspect of the Mass Effect series, in a similar fashion to the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 console revealed late last year, theElectronic Theatre Image limited edition Mass Effect 3 themed Xbox 360 consoles can only be obtained via entry into an online competition. By visiting the official Xbox Mass Effect Facebook page,, gamers can enter a competition simply by selecting either Paragon or Renegade and entering their details (including Xbox 360 Gamertag). All entrants will also receive a unique Xbox LIVE Avatar Item reflecting their choice of morality. What’s more, sharing your participation with five friends will unlock a second Avatar Item for personal use.

The previously discussed limited edition Mass Effect 3 themed PlayStation 3 consoles have not yet been revealed, though it’s possible that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe could be waiting until the launch of the videogame this coming Friday to play their hand.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Mass Effect 3, and future limited edition themed videogame consoles.


Electronic Theatre Image


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