Diabolical Pitch Now Available Exclusively for Xbox 360

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe latest title to arrive from the widely praised Grasshopper Manufacture, Diabolical Pitch, is now available to download exclusively for the Xbox 360. Designed from the ground-up to make use of the Xbox 360’s full-body motion-control device, Diabolical Pitch requires the use of Kinect to play.

A modern take on an arcade style shooting videogame, the player’s body is the replacement for the lightgun accessory. Diabolical Pitch casts the player as a former pitcher now outfitted with an incredibly powerful bionic Electronic Theatre Imagearm after finding himself in a run-down, dark, and twisted amusement park. The night gets strange and intense quickly as you must use your pitching skills to survive the game of your life. Charge up your diabolical pitch to wipe out all the enemies crowding towards you, and use power-ups to give your throwing arm insane abilities.

Kinect turns your room into a playing field today, as Diabolical Pitch is now available to download from the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points, and Electronic Theatre will bring you an in-depth review of the videogame later this afternoon.


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