Rebellion on Sniper Elite V2: ‘We want to deliver the Sniper Elite experience to the hardcore’

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Electronic Theatre ImageAlong with the recent hands-on time with Sniper Elite V2 Electronic Theatre was welcomed to have a brief chat with two of the videogame’s head honchos. Sitting down with Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion, and Steve Hart, Senior Producer on Sniper Elite V2, Electronic Theatre was told that Sniper Elite V2 may entertain newcomers, but not at the expense of the core demographic.

“I think that people’s expectations of games have shifted in the last six years.” States Hart, confident of his own analysis. “[In] the original game you could get by with a modest amount of cinematic set there. People were a bit moreElectronic Theatre Image – certainly the mass audience – were a bit more prepared to put effort into solve what we’d given them as a puzzle.”

Hart continues with a comparison for adopters of the current generation systems. “I think now people expect a bit more guidance and we also needed to try and make it accessible to a wider audience as well. We would like to get more people playing the game; we also want to deliver the Sniper Elite experience to the hardcore so we want it to be hard at the hardest levels.

“We also want it to be more user friendly, if you like, more accessible at the beginner kind of level so get people introduced to the idea of the franchise and the title and then they can turn up the difficulty level and die.”

Referencing the intelligently delivered variations in the assist system, Sniper Elite V2 has already proved to be a title that divides perspective of journalists by those of challenge and those of entertainment, and will surely do the same to a public audience when it launches next month. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Sniper Elite V2, including the full transcript of this interview coming soon.


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