Electronic Theatre Preview: Assassin’s Creed III: Making a House a Home

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe Assassin’s Creed repertoire has grown with every new outing. Much like the bloodline outings of the Pokemon franchise, each new edition has added new mechanics which after that initial introduction have been entirely optional, and yet have been presented with such vigour that for the core audience has been nothing less than magnetic. Assassin’s Creed II’s villa represented one such mechanic, and here in Assassin’s Creed III that template has been pushed and pulled almost beyond recognition.

At some point during the videogame you will unlock a Homestead which will grow and develop maturity as you progress through Assassin’s Creed III. Exactly how and when you will come across the Homestead has not yet been revealed, though in Electronic Theatre’s recent hands-on with Sequence 6 it was already Electronic Theatre Imageaccessible so you might assume that it would be ready for you at this point in the final build. However, none of the upgrade or output features that the Homestead plays host to were yet available, meaning that Ubisoft are keeping a lot hidden behind the scenes.

The Homestead acts as both your base of operations and an opportunity to further your Assassin’s Creed III career. The villa in Assassin’s Creed II allowed players to develop a supplemental income, and while the Homestead will offer that to players of Assassin’s Creed III it’s not a simple case of tome equals money. Instead, players will have to negotiate the production of necessary products and then trade them in towns at a profit. Completing specific Homestead missions will lead to allies moving in nearby, establishing new opportunities to develop your Homestead. For example, aiding a miner might give you access to metals and selling those metals will earn you additional finance, Electronic Theatre Imagehowever bringing a blacksmith into the fold will give you the opportunity to develop this metal into products, potentially earning you even greater monetary rewards.

There’ll also be plenty of options regarding cosmetic adjustments as your Homestead grows and adapts to the new party members and finances you earn, though further details on this were strictly out of Electronic Theatre’s reach. Of course, there’s plenty that Ubisoft want to keep secret for when the videogame launches, but even just this teaser of the Assassin’s Creed III revision of the villa was enough to get Electronic Theatre more than intrigued, and as just one small part of the whole that’s more than enough reason to be excited.


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